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On Call Courier Service

We deliver documents, boxes,
flowers, lunches, parts, disks,
hard drives, blueprints, toner, computers, legal documents,
payroll, deposits, medical supplies, video dubs, clothes, samples, drawdowns, groceries,
office supplies and more.
Even if you leave your keys or
phone at home, we'll be happy to
bring it to you immediately.

Customized Service

We can meet most any need:

proof of delivery, return receipts,
mail pick up and delivery,
Saturday delivery
timed pick up and delivery, daily, weekly, or monthly deliveries.
If you have special needs from a courier service we will be
happy to oblige.

Notary Service & Process Serving

Allstar Messenger is now offering mobile notary service and process serving.
Please call 503-255-7827 for pricing and availability in your area.

Allstar Messenger Inc, Messenger Service, Portland, OR

Map of Portland Metro Area Zones

Portland Map

Our base rate is 2 hour service from time of order.

1 hour service is an additional $2 in Zone 1.
In Zones 2, 3, 4 and 5 add $3. In all remaining zones add $5

Same Day and Next Day service are the longest, cheapest rate available.
Same Day orders must be called in and available before 1pm and will be delivered before 5pm on the same day.
Next Day orders must be called in and available before 3pm and will be delivered by 5pm on the same day or by 11am the next day.
The same day and next day price is $1 less than the standard 2 hour rate within Zone 1 in downtown Portland.
In Zones 2, 3, 4, and 5 around the downtown core, subtract $2.
In all remaining zones subtract $4.

Allstar Messenger is pleased to announce Saturday delivery service.
We will be available for pick-up and delivery Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Because of the current limited schedule only 1 hour rush and 2 hour service will be available. Next day pricing would apply on all orders placed and picked up on Friday for Saturday delivery.

Weight Charges: $2.50 per 25 pounds.
The first 25 pounds are included.

Waiting Charges: $5.00 per 5 minute increment.
The first 10 minutes are included.

Orders canceled after the driver has arrived
are subject to cancel on arrival or COA charges.

COA charges are the price of a Zone 1 delivery from the pick up location.

Allstar Messenger has a full time notary on staff for your convenience.

Process Serving

Process serving prices start at $45 for three attempts, plus delivery and filing fees. The first attempt will be made same day unless you request a delayed service. Most serves are completed, filed and returned same day.

Notary Services include:

  • Taking an acknowledgement
  • Taking a verification upon an oath or affirmation
  • Certifying a copy of a document
  • Witnessing or attesting a signature
  • Protesting commercial paper
  • Administering an oath or affirmation
  • Taking a deposition

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